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Byounique Trust

Ensure that vulnerable youths in Malawi do not get into conflict with the law, but are empowered to build a good life

  1. Prevent children from getting into conflict with the law

  2. Ensure that children who do, are treated child-friendly and lawfully

  3. And are offered rehabilitation programs so they can still build a good future


Via our holistic and competence-based approach, we tackle the root causes that make youths to get into problems. We strengthen the qualities of the youths and build a strong supporting network. Key focus areas: education, work, Life Skills, parenting skills, and local prevention-networks.

Prevent youths from getting into problems via awareness raising, early interventions and local support.

Ensure that youths at police, courts and on remand are treated fast, child-friendly and lawfully and receive support after release:

 1. Child Rights Clubs on schools

 2. Theatre for Change in high-risk areas

 3. Social and legal support at police, courts and young offenders’ prisons

Prevent reoffending by offering (detained) youths positive chances for the future via Life Skills, vocational and entrepreneurship trainings, amending family and community relations and follow-up support:

 1.    Diversion

 2.    Rehabilitation at young offenders’ prisons

 3.    Educational support

Vocational training centers and entrepreneurship support

Educate children, youths, parents, community members, child protection professionals and Malawian citizens on child rights and child justice and motivate them to actively contribute to improve child protection and child justice in Malawi:

  1. ‘Tisinthe/let’s change’ child rights radio program

  2. Training, outreach, and presentations

  3. (Social) Media


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DIVERSION - project

No prison sentence for small offences

Children who committed petty offences take part in the 10-weeks Life Skills program. The program also includes family and community amendment and reintegration to school/work. It teaches parents, police and community members to offer early support to children at risk. Annually over 150 children successfully graduate.

Project amount per child


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Prison reintegration project

Counselling - vocational skills - follow-up

The reintegration project for young offenders is still the hart of our program in Malawi. Young offenders positively change their behaviours, learn skills that enable them to earn an income and amend the relationship with their families. With this stable basis, at least 90% of the released the young persons build a good life after release. 

Project amount per child



Training & entrepreneurship   

Especially for the most margizalised youths

Most youths in our programs missed the chance for education and rely on unstable piece works for their income. At our training centers, they learn a skill, business management, Life Skills and positive parenting. We currently seek opportunities to start a production center and shops for work experience and income-generation.

Project amount per child



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