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  3. Organize a ludic activity and donate the proceeds to Byounique Trust

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Support us with a repeating or single donation

Regular donors are very important for our work. Your regular donation guarantees a stable monthly income and an essential contribution to the continuity of our projects in Malawi. But of course, we also very much value your one-off donation, which will be of great importance to offer more Malawian children a good future.

You can make your donation via our bank:

​Byounique Trust

First Capital Bank


Euro account number:                        0700824445

Malawi kwacha account number:        0200685004

Or donate directly

Also, Byounique Trust has a webpage on PIF World. Via this website, you can directly donate to Byounique Trust. Via the following link, you will be directly forwarded to the Byounique Trust PIF World page:

On behalf of us all at Byounique Trust we sincerely thank you for your donation. Your support directly helps to improve the lives of our young beneficiaries in Malawi!


Would you like to help Byounique Trust via a one-off activity, have a lot of fun and be sure that the PROCEEDS of your action ARE well-spent: organize a ludic action for Byounique Trust! There are many ways to raise money for Byounique: organize a sports event, a party, or just ask your friends and family members to donate your birthday present to Byounique Trust. We are of course happy to help you organize a great action. Always feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas: byouniquemalawi@gmail.com

Donate the revenues of your event to Byounique